Monday, June 22, 2009

Here We Are Send Us - Monday Night Prayer 062209


The people really engaged in worship. I continue to be amazed at Gods presence that is so strong during our prayer times. Colby shared about his trip to Rwanda and how God used prayer with their team. He told of several people coming to Christ and one woman who was physically healed of a chronic stomach problem.

We spent time praying for people who don't know Christ in our city to come to know him and that God would bring revival to His people in Lubbock, Texas.

Closing prayer was about people who are called to pray. We had everyone stand who had a call from God to pray for our city. We probably had about 20 people who stood. It is encouraging to see God moving in peoples hearts to pray. We also prayed for anyone with a need they wanted specific prayer about.

Like Isaiah in Isaiah 6 "God here we are send us !"

Thanks given for:
6 new committments to Christ this past week and 2 recommittments.
• Life Changing! (this individual committed his life to Christ, also)
• I visited your church on the recommendation of a friend and it was the best advice I've taken in a very long time!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Highlights this far

Some of the prayer highlights of this year for us.

  • First two weeks of June we had 125 and 135 people join us for prayer.
  • Cruz Pierson was completely healed of cancer the first week of June.
  • The first night we prayed in the rink there was an incredible presence of the Lord with us.
  • Worship has been dynamic on Monday Nights and people engaged often.
  • We have sensed God's presence in our services.
  • We had 2800 people come to our Easter gathering.
  • We had 10,000 - 12,000 thousand people come to our Easter Egg drop.
  • We have had over 200 people find Jesus this year already.
  • We have people praying during our services on the weekends.
Prayer does make a difference.

The Prayer Key

Tonight at Monday Night Prayer I shared from Matt 16. Jesus said he gives his people the keys to the kingdom. Prayer is one of those keys. It has the power to unlock (loose) or lock up (bind). Like a key to your car, it really is only useful when you put it in the ignition and turn on the power of the car. You can have a key and never use it.

Using the key of prayer puts the super of God into our natural giving us supernatural results. Why wouldn't we want to pray often. I know left to my own strength I don't have much confidence in how far I can go, but with God giving strength it is not wonder Paul could say "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Tonight we prayed for fathers, for Gods love to be in our services, and we prayed against the drug trafficking in the city of Lubbock. We prayed over prayer requests. We prayed as a group specifically for Amanda Ladd again. We prayed in the rink for Experience Life.

It was cool to see our circle of people praying stretch to the very edges of the rink all the way around. There was a very real sense of Gods tangible presence with us. Many were moved by God during our prayer time, some with encouragement, some with tears.

2 gave their lifes to Christ
3 rededicated life
• Wonderful message of God's love.
• It was great - can't wait for next week.