Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Focus of Corporate Prayer

I read an article on prayer by Jonathan Graf recently.  He made a point about corporate prayer that I thought was important.  His article was on the focus of corporate prayer.  Here is what he said.

Most prayer that takes place in church settings is not corporate prayer. It is more often individual prayer in a corporate setting. Let me assure you that individual prayer in a corporate setting is not wrong. It is an important, valid, needed kind of prayer. But it's not corporate prayer. True corporate prayer seeks God's face as one body in one voice about one thing.
How often do you hear people who gather for prayer praying about 1000 different topics.  This is valid prayer but not corporate prayer.  Corporate prayer is when the group has a focus and is praying together for that focus.

I am convinced God wants the church to pray big focused prayers together.  We should pray for salvations, we should pray for revival, we should pray for vision, we should pray for missions.  This focus of corporate prayer will bring big results.  Many times we are thinking too small as we pray.  If we can get Gods heart for our corporate prayer times I think He will lead us into requests that are bigger than we could think of and bigger than we could complete on our own.

Let your corporate prayer times be a time of being one body in one voice about one focus.