Saturday, February 12, 2011

Specificity Helps Repentance

From time to time at our corporate prayer gathering we have times of repentance and confession.  We had one of these times recently and it seemed to go well.  As i was talking to some of our prayer people they let me know they appreciated the specificity of the repentance time.  I read from 1 Corinthians 13 about what love is.  I would read a verse at a time:  "Love is patient" then I would say "have you been impatient in the past week at any time?", then read "Love is kind" and "Have you been unkind to anyone this past week.  People can review the week and think of specific situations when you give them some direction.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Monday Night Prayer

Here are some highlights of Monday night prayer this past month.

  • Seeing hundreds write the names of lost friends, family, & hardest hearts in our city on a canvas so that we can continually pray for their salvation.
  • Hearing hundreds pray out loud for those lost ones.
  • Hearing Erin and Casey's story about a young relative who died and their remorse at not sharing with him the gospel and their new commitment to be involved in the lives of their families to share the gospel.
  • In worship singing "In their lives be glorified, in their world be glorified, in their love be glorified" as we prayed for the lost.
  • Having communion at prayer and inviting all to be prayed for by one of our prayer teams.
  • Having one of our prayer team ladies lead her first person to Christ while on the prayer team for  Monday night.
  • Hearing of God speaking to various people at prayer.
  • Watching a clip of a Shelly Hundley video where she shares how she came to Christ.  "I was the hardest heart on my campus".  "Go after the hardest hearts".
  • Asking God to give us his understanding and heart to pray for the lost.
Coming up at prayer
  • Feburary 21st - our first extended prayer time of the year.
  • February 25th - Prayer training for intercessors, prayer teams, & anyone who wants to know more about prayer.