Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting to See the Results of Prayer: Monday Night Prayer November 09, 2009

Each Monday we share highlights of the last week and comments from our services. This week we had some great stories of how God had answered some of our prayers. Kerri Ladd shared about their journey with their daughter Amanda. Amanda had a lung transplant that started giving her problems so ended up having to have another transplant and went through some very traumatic days. So traumatic in fact that the doctors said if things don't get better within two weeks it could be all over. At the end of two weeks things were still on the bubble. A nurse approached the Ladds and told them she felt God was telling her to encourage them not to give up, not to look at the appearance of things and trust in him. Soon after things began to look up.

We spent time praying for children and families that were going through some of these kinds of struggles.

Another story was of a mom named Tori. Here daughter Kimbree has had many struggles also and is in a halo.

Tori said that she had a dream a few nights ago that Kimbree (her daughter) had entered a drawing contest at Scottish Rites and she'd won 1st place in the drawing. Tori said that the drawing, in her dream, was of a horse. Tori said that it felt like the dream lasted all night. At 8:30 the next morning a lady from Scottish Rites called and asked if she was Kimbree's mom. Tori said that she was. The lady then said that Kimbree had entered a drawing contest for a Christmas card contest and that Kimbree had won first place! Tori had forgotten that Kimbree had even entered the contest which was back in the summer. Anyway, Kimbree's drawing of a rocking horse will be on the Christmas cards that Scottish Rites sells! Kimbree's caption that she wrote for the card says, "Have a rockin' Christmas!"

An amazing story of how God gave a mom a dream to encourage her.

We spent time praying for our services, specifically that God would bring in people who didn't know Him and that they would commit themselves to Jesus.

Our prayer teams prayed for people who were discouraged and for our lifehouse leaders.

We are Thankful for:

First Time Decisions:

Commitments to Christ 25
Interested in Baptism 5

Unique Comments:
• Kelsey from the children's check in area was very helpful. :) (Just thought you ought to know this one!)
• Experience Life Guys, This church is such a blessing to me. I applaud what God is doing here. Great music, great answers, great God!
• FAQ today showed me that I was truly ready! Thank you E-Life!!
• I have a wonderful time here. It's my happiest day when I come to service.
• Wonderful and Eye Opening!
• Right on the mark! It's the message I needed. (this individual committed her life to Christ this weekend!)

Give Thanks: Monday Night Prayer November 2nd

We began with a different opening than usual this week. Instead of our opening worship set, we began giving people a chance to think of reasons they were thankful. There were four pieces of black board around the room. We also left 2 different color post its in every chair. Everyone was invited to write three of life's small things that they were thankful for and post it on the board. Responses like Hagen Daz ice cream, or sunsets in West Texas, iphone apps, or Starbucks mocha popped up. On the other post it we asked people to write two things they appreciated about God.

I explained that Thanksgiving is appreciating what God has done and Adoration is appreciating who God is. We let some encouraging music run in the background as we did this.

We celebrated all who had committed their lives to Christ for the first time this week and then went into our worship set.

we spent some time praying over some corporate prayer requests and then prayed for the individual requests that we give to people as they come in the door each night.

Our prayer teams prayed for those involved in childrens ministry and anyone who had a need.

We are Thankful for:

First Time Decisions:

CC 6
Baptisms 5

Unique Comments:
• from 5th grader: "I have been reading my bible more since I have been here. I want to follow God for all my life!"
• Great! What a refreshing, REAL look at the word!
• Starting to question my GOOD ways!
• I got a full time job!!! Thanks for praying over the last few months.
• I wanted to share something with you. I interviewed 2 families today that said the reason they are joining the church is because of the children's ministry. Both families said their kids are learning so much and love coming each week and they have visited other churches that their kids didn't get much out of. They chose Elife because of our children's ministry.