Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We'll Give Him All the Glory

Our last Monday night prayer of the year was a time of celebrating the answers to prayer for the past year and experiencing Gods continuing presence among us.  Here are some highlights.

  • Remembering the night we blessed single parents and seeing people in long lines to give financially and pray for them.
  • Lucys story of God speaking to her about how he put together all the pieces of her brokeness and made a beautiful mosaic out of it.  She shared how vulnerable she felt sharing this, but how it had impacted many.
  • Loud applause as we announced that around 900 people had come to Christ this past year.
  • Erins story of how God spoke to her one night at prayer about how lovely she was to Him and how she was the bride of Christ.
  • Lora encouraging everyone that God uses all the things we have been through in 2010, good and bad, to grow us and to make us useful in the kingdom.
  • People who God is calling to take a next step in their lives standing for prayer and others surrounding them and praying for them.
  • Stories from our giveBIG outreach to the city.  
  • Ending with the choruses of "Oh Come let us adore Him", "For He Alone is Worthy", "We'll Give Him all the Glory", and "We'll Praise His Name Forever".
I am pumped about how God led us in prayer this past year and how people at Elife caught the vision of prayer.  Our prayer gathering more than doubled this past year.  I have a real God anticipation about how God is going to move as we pray in 2011.  We are set up to have about 1000 commitments to Christ by years end.  I am praying our prayer efforts double in 2011 so we can see at least double the commitments to Christ this year.

Jesus, your amazing and we give you all the glory for what you have done in 2010 !