Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Art of Giving Thanks

There is some art to helping people express thanksgiving.  I am learning more about that.  When you have something really exciting to tell people, it is good to build up the anticipation a little before you share.  We had the opportunity to share with our people this past week that we had 326 baptisms and 21 salvations the previous week.  To help build toward some excitement, we shared some facebook posts from people who had been baptized and some comments put on comment cards in our services to stir peoples hearts.  I then had everyone stand up and roll their necks.  The thought was to loosen them up a little.  I then had them roll their arms.  I told them I was concerned about them hurting themselves when they began to cheer about the news I had.  I also encourage them not to hurt their neighbors.

Then I had them hold applause until I had told them four sentences.  The final sentence had the 326 total baptisms on it.  Then I could say "Somebody need to give God praise."   People were so excited about he baptisms and salvations that they went into cheering and clapping.  The band was ready to take off on a fast song as that happened and we got to spend some great time giving God thanks for the remarkable things He is doing among us.

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